The true benefit of Fiber Lasers for metal-cutting, over other metal-cutting technologies, is Fiber Laser’s ability to cut precisely at high-speed, and with unusual designs. Some cutting techniques, such as Water Jet, are very precise but incredibly slow. Others, such as Plasma Laser, are a bit faster but not as precise. Though technologies such as Band Saw or CNC are cheaper, they are not nearly as precise and have some limitations in terms of the design intricacy they can cut.

As a result, Fiber Lasers are the best “combination of attributes” to be able to get a complicated, precision design cut quickly. Though Fiber Laser has not been usually used to cut as thick materials as Water Jet or Plasma, the thickness that Fiber Lasers can cut has been improving to the point that really only uniquely-heavy industries (that cut metals significantly thicker than 1 inch, 25mm) would need to use something other than a Fiber Laser.

Max thickness we can cut for with a 12000w Fiber Laser:
-carbon steel: 0.984inch (25mm)
-stainless steel: 1.575inch (40mm)
-aluminum: 1.575inch (40mm)
-brass: 0.63inch (16mm)

Though speed does slowly decrease the thicker we cut, our Fiber Lasers can cut thin metals at up to 40inch/ses (1000mm/sec).

Common Applications:
-auto & aircraft parts
-medical devices
-fabrication for home industries & kitchen appliance (refrigerator, etc)
-fabrication for mechanical equipment (elevator, etc)
-electronics & electronic components
-custom fabrication & craftsmanship industries
-utility equipment
-hardware fittings
-metal processing and recutting


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