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Make You Know More About Fiber Laser Cutter

An ideal metal fabrication equipment can bring you more than high profits. In recent years, fiber laser cutter has become increasingly popular in metal processing. We know that fiber laser is kind of ideal lasers that achieve all the requirements of small size, high efficiency, high reliability, hig

2022 09-20
What can fiber laser cutting machine?

As mentioned above, the wavelength of CO2 laser and solid-state laser such as YAG or fiber laser determines that the former is more easily absorbed by non-metals, and can cut non-metallic materials such as wood, acrylic, PP, organic glass, etc. with high quality, while the latter is not easily absor

2022 09-16
What the differences among fiber laser, CO2 laser and YAG solid-state laser?

Are you still not sure which kind of laser cutter is right for you? Do you think that the fiber laser cutting machine is too expensive, but the effects of CO2 laser or YAG laser cutting always fail to meet your expectations? Hopefully the below will help you understand better.Fiber laser belongs to

2022 09-13


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