Fiber laser cutting machine with exchangable table




fibre laser cutting machine
Working Area(mm)3000 * 1500 /4000 * 2000

/ 6000 * 2000/ 6000 * 2500/8000* 2500

X-axis Travel3000mm/4000mm/6000mm/8000mm
Y -axis Travel1500mm/2000mm/2500mm
Laser Power1.5KW/2KW/3.3KW/4KW/6KW/8KW/12KW/36KW
Maximum velocity of movement169m/min
Maximum acceleration1.5G
X/Y Axis positioning accuracy±0.05mm/m
X/Y Axis repeated positioning accuracy± 0.02mm

The fully sealed design with true laser protection glass added to make the machine safer and more reliable.

The two work tables move independently and do not interfere with each other. The design of this independent moving work tables makes it easier to clean the slag.High-speed exchange platform, exchanging within 15S.

High-strength Cast Aluminum Beam

The beam cross section has increased from 262 * 234(mm) to 300 * 250(mm),more stiffer.

More Dust and Smoke Exhaust Partition

The number of dust and smoke extraction zones has increased from 3 to 4, and the width of each zone is about 650mm,the effect of dust removal and smoke extraction is better, the hopper slope has increased to 40°, and the leakage is smoother

Graphite Anti-burning

The fiber laser machine will be equipped with graphite anti-bruning (≥8000W)and copper plate(Optional) protection,insuring the machine bed and working table not be out of shape and burned-out.

Stronger Blades

Blade width has increased from 65mm to 90mm. Improve the bearing capacity and stability of the working table.

Working Table Positioning Device

Adopt unique self-orientating device and dual positioning device in the large format (>6000mm) machine. Precise control stop position of table. Improve cutting accuracy and efficiency


SF3015H High power fiber laser machine is used to cut mild steel,stainless steel,aluminum alloy,brass and other steel; Application in automobile industry,sheet metal industry,furniture industry,advertising industry,etc.


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